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Journey to Uranus

Live @ Pohoda

Live in our Tourbus


Live @ Sziget

Live on our Tourbus


We tour through Europa in our tourbus, playing inside for lots of people

. Most of the festivals we play, we try to play multiple shows a day so we can give the full “Bazzookas experience” to our audience.

See you at one of our shows!

22/4/202316:00 – 22:00GeorgsmarienhütteDEHüttenmarkt Festival
27/4/202321:30GroningenNLKoningsdag 2023
10/6/202321:00HeerdeNLHeerdelijk Festival
21/6/202316:30HannoverDEFête de la Musique
6/7/202315:00TrencinSKPohoda 2023
7/7/202315:00TrencinSKPohoda 2023
8/7/202315:00TrencinSKPohoda 2023
30/7/202319:00ViersenDEDa ist was im Busch Festival 2023
10/08/202316:00EschwegeDEOpen Flair 2023
10/08/202323:30EschwegeDEOpen Flair 2023
22/08/202316:00BadenCHBadenfahrt 2023
23/08/202316:00BadenCHBadenfahrt 2023
26/08/202320:00WolfsburgDEHallenbad Sommerfest 2023
9/9/202319:00NarvaEEStation Narva Festival 2023
20/9/20233 showsHamburgDEReeperbahn Festival 2023
21/9/20233 showsHamburgDEReeperbahn Festival 2023
22/9/20233 showsHamburgDEReeperbahn Festival 2023
23/9/20233 showsHamburgDEReeperbahn Festival 2023
23/9/202320:15HamburgDENDR-NJOY-Reeperbus @ Spielbudenplatz
24/9/20233 showsHamburgDEReeperbahn Festival 2023
30/9/202321:30HilvarenbeekNLElastiek Festival 2023
7/10/202321:00SommelsdijkNLStaerk Staeltje Solaes 2023
15/12/202321:00ZaandamNLHaltpop 2023 Winter edition

About Bazzookas

The founding of Bazzookas (2009) is best compared to the discovery of gunpowder. The bang coming from that is like the music of Bazzookas; magical, explosive and epic!

Now, 10 years later, they are still going strong, still impatient and eager, they do it 8 men strong, they make the crowd and themselves go crazy.

It is the energy that comes from the heart and soul of the band. Sparks are flying. It does not matter if one is male / female, young / old, beautiful / ugly, dog / cat, big / small, French, Belgian, German or Dutch, everyone starts dancing to the music!

The band is the band, the songs are the songs, so the place and audience make the difference. The bands interactive show and them clearly having so much fun on stage, causes a chemical reaction between these elements that results in an unique show time after time. 400 some gigs later, crowds still get blown away by the energy that Bazzookas throw at them. Everything with one goal in mind: Perform like their lives depend on it! Because it does!

 The Big Yellow Schoolbus in wich they tour through Europe is also a venue. They arrive, unpack, set up, and go all out! Musicians and audience both in the bus? Performing from the stage they built on top of the bus? Bazzookas can put up a show wherever the Bus can bring them! Fully self supported.They come with experience. Festivals in Europe and Australia (Sziget, Taubertal Festival, Open Flair, Reperbahn Festival (8x), Pohoda, Rock 4 People, Colors of Ostrava, Concert@Sea, Zwarte Cross (3x), Parkpop, Port Fairy Folk Festival, Blue Mountains Festival) and  leading dutch venues such as Heineken Music Hall and Paradiso.

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